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Healthy Living

Program Overview

Healthy Living concepts are integrated into all or our programs, as we encourage our program participants to eat healthy and exercise. We work with our clients to help them prepare for our Annual Walk for Independence and Health Fair and participation in the OC Marathon as part of an ongoing effort to encourage a healthy lifestyle. We provide information and resources on our Healthy Living website and provide regular health resources here and in our enewsletters.

The Study

Closing the Gap: A National Blueprint to Improve the Health of Persons with Mental Retardation is a 2002 report from the Office of the Surgeon General. This landmark study reported that people with developmental disabilities had poorer health and far less access, even to basic screening and treatment, than others, and that diagnosis and treatment of serious disorders in this population were often delayed, inadequate, or not provided at all.

Call to Action

The range of these health problems includes increased risk for obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dental, hearing and vision problems and overall poor fitness. In response to this call to action, the board and staff at Project Independence has integrated healthy living concepts into all our programs.

Jackie’s Story

Jackie lived with a father who was hunched with severe arthritis since his early forties. Her mother was confined to an armchair due to complications from diabetes. Jackie has taken it upon herself to never suffer like her parents and, with the help of her Project Independence Coach, rigorously maintains an active regimen of physical therapy, a healthy diet and an overall lifestyle that ensures that she will never suffer ailments that keep her from participating in life.

Walk for Independence 2020

SAVE THE DATE! Walk for Independence 2020 will take place on Saturday, September 12, 2020 at Tewinkle in Costa Mesa, CA.


Healthy Living Resources

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