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Project Independence Team

Team PI and all of our wonderful supporters deserve a round of applause for efforts that went above and beyond. Thank you to all who pitched in to make it another year of great celebration and success. With the help of our wonderful community partners and employers we work from an “Inclusive Model.” Through Supported Employment, Independent Living, and our Daytime Programs, our community grows stronger by including all who hope for a happy and independent life. A life of achievement, accomplishment and inclusion. In 2007, two established nonprofit organizations – Vantage and Project Independence – joined forces to better serve the needs of Orange County adults with developmental disabilities. While our merged history is still being written, each organization had a rich, 30-year history prior to the merger.

About Project Independence

Project Independence was established in 1977 by dedicated families of adults with developmental disabilities who envisioned more for their loved ones than lives of segregation, prejudice, and institutionalization. Their goal? To allow adults with developmental disabilities to exercise freedom and personal choice in their own lives. The Independent Living program was the first of its kind in Orange County.

Team Members

  • branded_4good | julie@branded4good.com ( Team Leader )
  • Mike Robbert | irfan.kaleem@gmail.com
  • John Doe | john.doe@aol.com
  • Shahzad Yousuf | shahzad@kingdom-vision.com
  • Mickey and Barb Shubin | bsp911@aol.com
  • Jerry and Lee Keating | jwkeating@sksdiecasting.com
  • Daniel Gomez | dgomez@proindependence.org
  • Cory Bodda | Corybodda@gmail.com
  • Carley Millian | cgmillian@gmail.com

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    June 1, 2017 at 9:16 pm

    Here we go! Our 8th Walk for Independence!

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